Rollercoaster NoLimits Simulation


Create your own rollercoasters and ride them




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Rollercoaster NoLimits Simulation is a rollercoaster simulator that offers you a good set of tools and pieces to build and simulate a rollercoaster and enjoy building them.


The first part of the game is quite complex and you'll have to do it well if you want to enjoy it before. However, if you follow some steps and do your best, results will be great.


It will take you notmore than one hour to learn and build your creation. The second part is the funny one, there, you will be able to ride on the atraction you create.


You can also use one of the more than seventy included ones. Enjoy your ride, change the camera and choose the wagon. Rollercoaster NoLimits Simulation grants you hours of fun once you have learnt how to build your own rollercoasters.
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